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With our repair services, your device feels like brand new.

We provide reliable, affordable services for everyone. We perform the ultimate health check to diagnose what’s wrong with your device.

Common Indicators: Your Computer Needs First Aid

If there's one thing that everyone knows, it's when the computer is broken. But how do you know when it's about to break? Even just before it fails and refuses to turn on, or flashes warning messages all over the screen, for example, about how your files are now encrypted, you'll be given clear hints that something is wrong. The signs discussed in this offer indicate that your computer needs repair sooner rather than later.

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Computer Maintenance

Keep your computer running optimally with our maintenance plan. Businesses and individuals can take advantage of this service to ensure their computers are in excellent condition.

Computer Repair

You can rely on us for reliable, affordable repairs. We can identify the exact problem with your device.

Software Installation

We will assist you with the installation of necessary software for your business that will enhance efficiency and increase productivity.

Remote Desktop Support

Get Technical support from the comfort of your desk at home or work and have your issues resolved right where you are.

Technical Support

We offer excellent technical support for a wide range of technologies for both software and hardware components.

Computer Fluency

We are passionate for you to be as competent and fluent with the use of technology, so we offer literacy to reduce ignorance and cyberphobia.

A complete device health check for free.

We are a small business delivering professional repair services for computers, phones, and IT maintenance services.

Our services are convenient for individuals and businesses

We are highly proficient, friendly, and experienced.




Diagnostic Service


A full inspection is done with professional equipment to test all software and hardware.

Complete repair price estimation

Managed Service Plan


Includes Diagnostic service +

Accidental Damage from Handling (“ADH”)

Damaged or Defective component replacement

Full vulnerability scan and repair

Install and manage security software (anti-virus, firewall, etc).

Install and manage security software (anti-virus, firewall, etc).

Once Off Repair Service


Includes Diagnostic service +

Accidental Damage from Handling (“ADH”)

Damaged or Defective component replacement*

Diagnostic Report and Advisory


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